50 Paintings

50 Paintings
2017 - 2021

This heterogeneous group of paintings has been my central preoccupation over five years. I know nothing about how to paint. I engage willingly, on occasions optimistically, in a process which is largely opaque to me. I have come to believe that I participate in an exchange between layers and levels of consciousness/unconsciousness about which I have no clear knowledge and over which I can exert only the minimum of control. Paintings, when they arrive, arrive of their own volition, I cannot cajole, entice or demand their presence. I have no vision, the paintings surprise me. I offer to the process the specifics of my sensibilities such as they are. I have learned to wait, to follow hints and whispers…

All paintings are oil on board. 22 x 17” (54 x 43 cm).

The Reluctant Six

These six are refusing to follow the rest of the flock into the fold, they wander where they will ignoring the voice and directions of their distracted shepherd.

All paintings are oil on board. 15 x 11” (38 x 28 cm).