Granger Gallery, Kent

Granger Gallery, Kent

“The objects displayed here are products of the eye and hand; to the mind they juxtapose opposites: real and illusory, common and strange, sculptural and painterly, austere and sensual.

They are essentially abstract constructions that suggest and disrupt a variety of interpretations.  Technically they are the result of experiments with newspaper and wax. Through the manipulation of these materials a means of taking positive moulds, like life masks, emerged.”

J Granger, Gallerist

Paper Casts

Newsprint and Wax on Board

Although this is not a cast of anything, the process I used to make it was to work with Johns's materials of wax, paper and pigment but the image you see is the reverse of the worked surface. The black marks are the ink of newsprint melted with a hot iron. Jasper Johns claimed to have dreamt the white flag and I, believe me, dreamt this image.